By using gel nail polish, you can have nails as strong as acrylic nails that still look natural. When applied, gel nail polish does not emit as strong a smell as acrylic nails. This gel on nail polish can harden under UV light, and each layer must be allowed to harden for 2 to 3 minutes. This process forms a chemical bond that can attach the gel nails.

File and trim your nails. For the best results, start with really clean nails. Take time before using nail polish to tidy up and clean your nails. Before cutting your nails, determine what kind of nail you want first. Then, cut out the nails and file the edges so that the shape matches what you want. Finally, smooth the surface of your nails. You can form nails into a square, round, oval or almond. Unlike using acrylic nails that can be cut back when or after use, you can only cut your nails before using gel nail polish, because this nail polish is applied directly on top of your original nails.

Use cuticle remover. After you cut the nails to the desired shape, remove the cuticles that are still around your nails. Use a wooden stick to push the cuticle from your nail. Then, clean the remaining dirt and oil in the nail using a cotton ball dipped in acetone liquid. Apply the base layer to the nail. Apply a thin layer of base paint to your nails, because gel nail polish does not require a base layer as thick as ordinary nail polish. Be careful when applying primer on your nails: don’t let the gel hit your finger. Allow this base layer to dry for two times longer than the recommended time.

Paint your nails. Apply 2 thin layers to your nails. After the nail bed has dried completely, reapply a thin layer over it. Use the color gel for this second layer. This layer might look striped, but that is normal. Make sure you apply the color gel to the entire surface of the nail to the end so that the gel is not easily separated from the nail. Allow each layer to harden under UV light for 2-3 minutes.

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