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How to eat delicious foods every day without wasting too much money

How to eat delicious foods every day without wasting too much money

Well, would you know one way to be able to save food as well as the expenditure? We have tips for you who are already aware of the importance of frugality. Meanwhile, you may want to check out Waffle House menu prices to find a good restaurant with good foods, with healthy menus, and with affordable prices.

1. Buy cheese in large chunks

If you are a cheese lover and put this ingredient into a monthly shopping list, this one trick can be really you practice. Buy cheese in large packages at once. Cut into small pieces, and put the rest into the freezer. Frozen cheese can last long enough to make you not wasteful to buy cheese.

2. Make salad dressing

Likes to eat salad but upset with expensive salad dressing prices? No need to worry because you can mix your own salad dressing while saving money. You just need to add vinegar, olive oil, and some flavorings. Put the mixture into a bottle and use it when you want to eat salad.

3. Buying lettuce intact

Lettuce or lettuce in packs that have been cut and ready to eat are often priced at an expensive price. You can work around this by buying the whole lettuce and cutting it yourself at home. In addition, you have a lot of stock lettuce, you can also save your shopping money.

4. Buy bananas that still stick to the bunches

If you want to buy a banana and if for a while, do not choose a banana that has been separated from the bunches. Buy bananas that still stick to the bunches so that when stored bananas can last longer.

5. Using plastic warp

Instead of having to buy airtight containers to store food, you’d better buy plastic warp. Plastic wrap also can maintain the quality of food as well. The price is certainly not expensive like an airtight container. You can easily find plastic warp in supermarkets or in plastic stores.

6. Remove the water from the lemon with a tissue

You do not need to buy lots of lemons to get plenty of lemon juice. You just press the lemon and roll it on the table. Lemons will be soft and more water will come out when the lemon is squeezed. It’s saving money, right?

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