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As a beginner, you should not take a hurry because there are so many things to learn before buying a property. Not to mention you have to know a lot of the process of purchasing property is not easy, sometimes there is a long process that must be passed. Also, note how payment will be chosen. In the meantime, you may need to visit to get the best assistance in buying or selling your properties.

So, there are so many lessons that must be mastered first before reaching property first. To facilitate you, here are a few tips to invest property for beginners.

Site Selection

Location is one of the determinants when about to buy a house. Many people decide to buy a house because of its strategic location. Therefore, location is the main factor by some people when buying a house. The location also affects the selling price of a house because the location is access to various places, such as transportation, shopping centers, schools, hospitals and so on.

Availability of Funds

Costs also become one of the determinants of people in buying property. In addition to the basic cost, there is an extra fee that becomes obligatory. Sometimes the amount is not a little to make surprised new people first buy the first time.

The cost of purchasing property which is the obligation of the buyer, among others:

Money Signs So – usually determined by the developers. But if you buy property not through the developer, but the secondary market, then the money so this sign can be determined by the seller of the property. The money sign is a form of clarity you buy a house, as well as booking or booking fees.

Advance – The next obligation if it is so buying a house, is to pay the down payment if brought to the developer. Whereas if through the secondary market, the number of advances ranged between 20 – 50% and this is generally determined by the bank concerned.

The installment – ideally large each installment is not more than one-third of your own salary or with a partner.

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