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Here’s A Glimpse Of The Screw Making Process

Here’s A Glimpse Of The Screw Making Process

Although screws are only a small part of a piece of furniture, it will be very useful if we know how the screws are produced. On a visit to a furniture factory (screws, nails, nuts + bolts and other hardware for furniture), I had the opportunity to learn about the furniture production process ball screw repair. Additionally, before we continue, if you’ve got some broken ball screws, I recommend you to repair it at the best ball screw repair company near your location.

Metal Hardness

Here the main quality of the screw is determined. Iron has a certain hardness that can be arranged (at the time of production). For this type of screw is usually mixed with steel. You will be able to ‘feel’ the quality of the screw raw material or the hardness of the metal used when installing the screw on the workpiece. Screw raw material that is too soft will easily be damaged in the head of the screw. However, the raw material of the screw must not be denser than the raw material ‘screwdriver tip’ because if the screw is harder, the screwdriver tip will break faster.

Then the metal coil is ‘straightened’ first using a special machine, and then cut according to the length of the screw to be produced. In this process, the metal form is still grayish-black, as a sign that there is no finishing layer on the metal.

After small pieces are formed, the screw head will be automatically formed as well as the manufacture of screw threads with a special machine. At this point, the formation process is considered complete.


In order to produce a more durable screw, it needs to be glazed by using a special metal as its finishing material. The metal finishing process is not the same as the wood finishing process. The screw bars are dissolved into a large vessel which contains a special chemical liquid for metal finishing.

The screw will be soaked for a certain amount of time to get the required finishing layer.

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