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Here Are Three Reasons Why Your Website Account Is Easy To Hack

Here Are Three Reasons Why Your Website Account Is Easy To Hack

Hacking an account or even a website is often the case even in any part of the world. There are many people who feel disadvantaged because their account has been hacked by unknown people. If this happens to you, then it’s good to use two factor authentication security system discover more . With this security system, your website or account will be safer and you can be more comfortable when using it.

Also, make sure that you maintain your account correctly. Below are some reasons why your website is often hacked by other people. Some of the reasons referred to are

1. The password that is not strong enough
Your username and password are the main doors to get into your website. There are many people who can just enter your website if the password you have is weak and not strong. For that, make sure that your password is not easily guessed by anyone. Always use combining letters, numbers, and special characters to create the password.

2. Plug in and careless themes
Plugins and themes, commonly referred to as website templates, are the main attraction for many people. There are lots of free plugins and themes that you can use, unfortunately, the security is not well maintained. You could have a virus in the theme that turned out to be able to make all your files damaged or even force you to go to a website that is not guaranteed quality. This can be a hacking action carried out by many people.

3. Never upgrade
Why should your website be upgraded? The CMS development team usually finds bugs or vulnerabilities that can endanger the website, so they release the latest version. Make sure to always upgrade when there is the latest version!

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