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Heavy Equipment for Soil Processing

Heavy Equipment for Soil Processing

To process the project land, heavy equipment is needed so that processing can be done easily. With the condition of land that still has shrubs or trees, land clearing can be done using a dozer. For removal of the topsoil, a scraper can be used. Whereas for flat surface formation besides dozers, motor graders can also be used. You can visit Didakt and get the best tool for you.

1. Bulldozers

Bulldozer is one of the heavy equipment that has a chain wheel (track shoe), for multi-purpose work that has high traction capabilities. The dozer is a tractor that has a blade in front of it which functions to push material and the rear ripper is usually installed. This machine can operate in soft to hard areas. For the push distance the efficiency is between 25-40 meters, not more than 100 meters, the distance backward is not too far, if the necessary push is done by relay, pushing on the derivative is more productive than the incline.

2. Dozer Shovel

Dozer shovel is a chain wheel loader, where hydraulic power is preferred over thrust power. Used to load sand, soil, rocks, for the purposes of filling Dump Trucks, Hopper, or for moving material. If the bucket is replaced with a log fork, it can be used to clamp the wood, fill the logging truck. Efficient for areas that have a flat, uneven, and rough working ground. Able to work well in dry to moist conditions. Can only operate in hard and rather hard areas. Even on an uneven foundation, traction is stronger, but not or less capable in soft and wet areas, being able to take on the original red soil or rather soft ones. Requiring a loading area (loading point) is a bit wide but the displacement of the operating area is less fast (less mobile). Besides buckets, another attachment is a log clamp.

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