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Headphone Users Must Know How To Maintain Their Ears

Headphone Users Must Know How To Maintain Their Ears

Using the headphone in the long term risks causing a number of hearing health problems. One of the most common problems is ear infections. This is unfortunate because ear infections due to wearing a headphone can actually be prevented if you know how to care for the right ear. How to maintain ear health if you often use a headphone. Without you knowing it, the headphone is a breeding ground for hundreds of thousands of bacteria. When wearing a headphone, bacteria that attach to it can move to the ear and cause infection. Prolonged infection can cause complications in the form of permanent ear damage. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an affordable headphone, perhaps you want to see some of the best noise cancelling headphones under 100.

To prevent this, you need to know the right way to care for and maintain ear health if you use the headphone frequently. Here are some tips for you:

Clean the ears regularly

A headphone can block ear discharge. Eventually, earwax can accumulate and trigger infection. This is why people who often wear headphones must take care of their ears regularly.

Clean the outside of the ear with a cotton bud or wet cloth. Do not put a cotton bud in the ear because it can push dirt deeper. To remove dirt, use drops or baby oil first so that the dirt softens.

Don’t over-use the headphone

Using a headphone for too long can increase the risk of ear infections. Meanwhile, adjusting the headphone volume too loudly can result in permanent hearing damage.

People who often use headphones often forget to limit their use, even though this is a way to care for the ears that are no less important than cleaning your ears. Set the maximum volume so that it does not exceed 60%. Limit the time to use the headphone for 60 minutes.

Clean the headphone once a week

Not only do you keep your ears clean, but you also need to clean the headphone that you use. This aims to prevent bacteria from multiplying on the headphone.

How to clean the headphone is quite easy. You only need to prepare ingredients such as warm water that has been dripped with laundry soap, a new toothbrush that has not been used, and dry cloth.

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