Are you confused about finding a carpet for your child’s room? Character rugs are one of the first call restoration crew mainstays when it comes to decorating a child’s room. With the addition of character rugs in the child’s room, the room will feel more cheerful, soft and of course reflect the child’s personality and tastes. Some character rugs with favorite characters certainly make the room even more lively. This one character carpet is adorable. Usually on the market with the name baby playmat. The price is friendly and the material is guaranteed safe for babies because it has been specially designed.

This character rug has a function as a play mat with soft cotton. You can use this carpet to train your little one’s stomach muscles, you know! This cute carpet motif looks in line with the children’s tent and wardrobe, making the room look cute and even more adorable. Princess fever can be easily expressed in a character rug. Unlike other children’s room decorations, carpets like this are very easy to arrange at an affordable price and easy to store if the child changes tastes later. However, surely the little princess’s love for the beloved character from the character carpet will usually last a long time. Especially if this carpet is suitable and looks cool to the eyes when placed in the room.

Looking for a character rug that matches your modern and minimalist theme? Character shapes do not only have to be present through the motifs and patterns on the carpet layer. As in the inspiration above, this rug is in the shape of a cute whale with soft synthetic fur. With neutral colors like white, this character rug can be an addition to a children’s room decoration that is not too flashy like children’s rugs in general. Choose a carpet with an easy maintenance method too, you can use a vacuum cleaner periodically or dry clean as needed. For those of you who have a creative soul and are good at knitting, there is nothing more special than a homemade character rug. The carpet inspiration above is a combination of colorful pom-poms to form the heads of children’s favorite characters, Mickey Mouse.

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