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Handling iPhone Damaged by Water

Handling iPhone Damaged by Water

Have you ever dropped your iPhone in water accidentally? If that happens to you, calm down. You can visit our website to do an iPhone repair. The following are some ways you can do to handle iPhone damaged by water.

Back up your iPhone data immediately after switching it on again. Backing up iPhone data as soon as possible will ensure the information on your phone can be installed on a new device, even if your iPhone stops functioning a few days later.

Use “AssistiveTouch” if your phone’s Home button doesn’t work. A common symptom of cell phone damage due to water is a Home button that doesn’t work. You can outsmart it by activating the “AssistiveTouch” option which displays the hardware shortcut keys on the screen. The AssistiveTouch option also allows you to lock your phone screen, change the volume, and take screenshots.

Use a USB dock or Bluetooth headphone to make a sound. If water damage causes your iPhone jack to malfunction, use another audio output device instead of normal headphones. Try connecting a USB-compatible USB dock to the charging port on the bottom of your iPhone. The device should be detected automatically. If the cellphone charging port is not working, you cannot charge the phone.

Continue to charge the iPhone if the Power button stops functioning. If your phone’s Power button turns off, you will have difficulty turning the phone on and off. The cellphone must be continuously charged and turned on before it can be used. If your cell phone runs out of battery and dies, charge it so that it can come back to life. If the Raise to Wake feature of the phone is activated, the screen can be turned on simply by taking out the cellphone.

Check whether the phone is still guaranteed. AppleCare Standard doesn’t always cover water damage, but your cellphone can be repaired if it’s still new enough and you get good staff.

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