Children are considered safe enough to consume honey when your child turns one year old. However, the dose of honey must still be considered so as not to overdo it. Giving honey with the right dose will optimize the health benefits of honey from our website and you can also get bumblebee decorations for your child.

So that you are no longer confused, here are some suggestions for measuring and giving honey tips for children that you can follow:

Children aged 1-3 years are advised to consume a maximum of 20 grams of honey every day. This is so that the child’s digestive system is not surprised. In addition, the child’s body also requires habituation in recognizing new foods.
Children over 3 years are allowed to consume honey with a dose of 2 tablespoons, twice a day. Routine provision with these doses will help maintain stamina and endurance of the child’s body.
Giving honey to children should be done 2 to 3 hours before a big meal. This is so that honey can be absorbed perfectly before the child enjoys playing the dish.
If you want to give honey to children with the aim of helping to heal when your child is sick, you should first mix honey with water. That way, substances and vitamins in honey can be absorbed better and smoothly.

If given the right dose according to age, honey can provide many health benefits for children. Here are some of the goodness and benefits of honey that can be obtained if your child consumes honey regularly:

Improve body immunity
Honey contains iron and various complex vitamins. This makes honey beneficial in increasing children’s endurance. Giving honey regularly can make a child stronger and avoid the risk of various diseases.

Avoiding Children from Allergies
Some children have a tendency to be allergic to certain things. By consuming honey properly, a child’s allergy can be overcome. This is because honey can help fight against sources of allergies or histamine which causes allergic reactions.

Maintain Digestive System Performance
Honey contains natural ingredients that can manage excessive acid production in a child’s stomach. Honey can also fight bacteria that cause excess gas in the digestive system. That way, consuming honey can make problems such as nausea and vomiting resolved. In fact, honey can also increase a child’s appetite.

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