What determines your appearance? What are the determinants of your eyes, hair and skin color? What about your height, stature, or similarity with your parents? Why can your fingertips have soft pads on one side and hard nails for protection on the other? On the other hand, you may need the best equipment for extracting DNA from the biologia molecular.

In the time of Charles Darwin, the answers to such questions were still mysterious. Darwin himself was fascinated that the characteristics of one generation were passed on to the next generation, but he knew little about the laws of genetics, let alone about the mechanisms in cells that regulate heredity. However, now biologists have studied human genetics and detailed instructions for decades embedded in amazing molecules called DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Of course, the main question is: Where did the instructions come from?

What do many scientists say?

Many biologists and other scientists feel that the DNA and instructions in the form of code are produced by various unregulated coincidences that have occurred over millions of years. According to them, there is no evidence that the structure of this molecule or the information it carries and continues, and how it works, is the result of design.

What is revealed from the evidence? If evolution is correct, at least there should be a reasonable possibility that DNA could come about through a series of coincidences. If religious scriptures are right, there should be strong evidence that DNA is the work of intelligent minds and likes order.

When discussed in a very simple phrase, the subject of DNA is quite easy to understand — and very interesting. So, let’s take a walk again in a cell. However, this time we will visit human cells. Imagine you are entering a museum designed to teach you how the cell works. The entire museum is a model of a typical human cell — but enlarged about 13,000,000 times. The size is as big as a giant sports arena, which can accommodate around 70,000 spectators.

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