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For Students, These Are Some Of The Types You Can Extend When You Are In The UK

For Students, These Are Some Of The Types You Can Extend When You Are In The UK

Some students who have studied in the UK need an extension of their visa so they can stay in the UK for much longer find out your english level. For this reason, many students extend their visas so they can stay longer in the UK. You must take the b1 english test first before you extend your English Visa.

There are several types of visas that you can get if you want to be in the UK longer even though you have completed your study process in the UK. Here are some types of visas that you should know.

– Visa Tier 4 Pilot
For the time being this scheme is only available at some UK universities. You can register for a Masters program that lasts up to 13 months with an additional 6 months to find work in the UK.

– Tier Visa 2 (General)
British companies are currently in need of many graduates who have high expertise in all economic fields. If you can get a job with a licensed sponsor, this Tier 2 Visa will allow you to work in the UK for five years.

– Exceptional Talent, Tech Nation & Research & Innovation Talent Visa
This visa scheme is aimed at attracting growing expertise and innovation in the UK technology field. This visa is for those who can meet the requirements of high technical expertise. Some visa requirements are easier than other types of visas. This new type of visa was opened for registration since the spring of 2018.

– Visa Tier 1 Investor
More and more students are skipping Tier 4 Visa and directly choosing a Tier 1 Investor Visa, which allows them to study in the UK and after five years, register to get British citizenship.
Whether you apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate program, you must meet one of three levels of investment and there are strict rules in the type of investment you can do.

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