One of the biggest effects of flooding is the dirty carpet caused by being submerged in water. Floods usually also carry mud, dirt, and chemicals that absorb into the carpet. Even so, you don’t have to throw away the carpet that was flooded, because there are several ways to clean the carpet. Before you start cleaning, make sure you have clean water, bleach solutions, and disinfectants intended for each type of carpet. Also prepare a hose for spraying water and mud, as well as a washing machine that has been cleaned for washing the small carpet. Thin or small-sized carpet can be cleaned by the washing machine. However, if the carpet affected by the flood is large enough you can clean this furniture by using the service first call restoration crew, or;

Dry the entire surface of the carpet thoroughly. If necessary, use a vacuum cleaner. Clean the carpet surface with shampoo. Do not use bleach because it can damage the carpet. Clean the shampoo or cleaner with water, then dry again with a vacuum cleaner. After cleaning this furniture from flooding, make sure the carpet is perfectly dry so it doesn’t smell and becomes a den of germs. Floods cause substantial material losses. Therefore, it is natural that many people prefer to clean furniture after being flooded to reduce spending during disasters. However, keep making your hygiene and health a priority.

If your carpet emits odor or moldy even though it has been cleaned, it is better to replace the furniture with a new one to prevent the risk of disease. You can clean the carpet after the flood begins to recede if only part of the surface is submerged. However, the carpet that has been submerged in water for dozens of hours should be replaced with new ones. The reason is, the mold will soon grow before the water in it dries. Clean the surface of the flooded carpet with clean water, then dry it in a place exposed to wind and direct sunlight. If the carpet is dry but smells, it means the carpet has been overgrown with mold and cannot be used anymore.

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