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Drinking Tea for Losing Weight

Drinking Tea for Losing Weight

Before going to and talk more about red tea for weight loss, it would be better to know why people have interest in using tea for weight loss. Many want to have a slim body in an instant way. But the diet in an instant is definitely not healthy. It is important to always give priority to health and body condition in order to avoid various types of harmful health problems. According to research, natural ingredients such as catechins and caffeine can help increase energy expenditure and calories burned without doing special activities.

Tea is also believed to have a content that can increase fat oxidation (breakdown of fat) in the body. But drinking tea alone is not enough. To get maximum results in the effort to lose weight, need to be balanced also by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine. Maintaining a diet is arguably more important than exercise in an effort to lose weight. It’s useless to exercise regularly every day, but the food consumed is not healthy and contains many preservatives and unhealthy ingredients, it is difficult to be able to lose weight diet. Tea is one type of drink that when consumed properly and enough to have a positive impact on the health of the body. Certainly, you must also balance it by drinking enough water every day.

There are so many tea options when you want to take it the advantage of weight loss. Aside from green tea, you can also try red tea or another type one that may not sound so familiar to you before. For your information, Rooibos tea is useful for regulating fat-storing hormones. Rooibos tea is made from the leaves of a “red bush” plant that grows exclusively in the Cederberg region of South Africa, near Cape Town. What makes this tea so good for your stomach is its unique and powerful flavanoid content called Aspalathin. Research shows, these compounds could work to reduce stress hormones that trigger hunger and fat accumulation.

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