For those of you who are looking for an original watch, you should be careful. The reason is, in this sophisticated and open era, counterfeit goods such as replica watches are very easy to circulate and sell freely. So if you are not good at differentiating between genuine AUGUST BERG and fake, you will certainly be very vulnerable to being deceived. As a result, instead of bringing the original watch home, you only get a replica watch, which at first glance might look very similar to the original version. So, to avoid this, is there a way to distinguish between a real watch and a fake? Quartz technology is a technology found in original watches. This technology makes the movement of the hands-on the watch orderly, smooth and smooth. Since this technology is difficult to imitate, you can also use it to distinguish between real watches and fake watches.

Genuine watches must have regular, fluid, and smooth movements of the hands. On the other hand, counterfeit watches are characterized by the movement of the hands which are somewhat obstructed and not smooth. An original watch that comes from the original manufacturer must have a straight and neat logo on the body or glass of the watch. Whereas the logo on a fake watch usually won’t look straight and neat. Genuine watches generally have an inaudible clock ticking sound. On the other hand, for fake watches, the sound of the clock ticking is often heard. Every purchase of an original watch product will always be accompanied by a certificate of proof of authenticity that comes from the factory. While fake watches generally do not have a certificate. If there is, then the way to distinguish it is to pay close attention to the appearance of the logo on the certificate. Later, you will usually see the difference between the logo on the original watch certificate and the logo on the fake watch certificate.

Original watches must have an official warranty which generally lasts 1 – 3 years. While replica watches usually provide no warranty at all.

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