The working principle of a compressor can be seen as similar to that of the human lung. For example, when a person takes a deep breath to blow out a candle flame, it will increase the air pressure in the lungs, resulting in compressed air which blown to extinguish the candle’s flame. Generally, there are dynamic compressors and positive displacement compressors. In the meantime, if you are simply looking for a good air compressor for the garage, you can visit right away.

– Positive displacement compressor

Positive displacement compressors are divided into 2 types, namely piston compressors (reciprocating compressors) and rotary compressors (rotary).

– – Compressor piston / piston (Reciprocating)

– – – Single acting piston compressor

A single-acting piston compressor is a compressor that utilizes piston displacement, this type of compressor uses a piston driven by the crankshaft (crankshaft) to compress air/gas. Air will enter the compression cylinder when the piston moves in the initial position and the air will come out when the piston moves in the end / forward position.

– – – Double-acting piston compressor

The double-acting piston compressor operates the same as the single-acting, only the difference is that in the dual-acting compressor, the compression cylinder has an inlet and outlet ports on both sides.

– – – Diaphragm compressor

The diaphragm compressor is a classic type of piston compressor and has similarities with a piston compressor, the only difference is, if the piston compressor uses a piston to compress air, the diaphragm compressor uses a flexible membrane or diaphragm.

– – Rotary compressor

– – – Screw compressor

A screw compressor is a type of compressor with a positive displacement rotary mechanism.

– Dynamic compressor

It’s divided into 2 types, they are axial and centrifugal compressors.

– – Centrifugal compressor

A centrifugal compressor is a compressor that utilizes the centrifugal force generated by the impeller to accelerate the flow of air-fluid (kinetic force), which is then converted into an increase in potential pressure (into compressive force) by slowing the flow through the diffuser.

– – Axial compressor

The axial compressor is a dynamic rotating compressor that uses a series of airfoil fans to further suppress fluid flow. The incoming air stream will flow out quickly without the need to be thrown sideways as a centrifugal compressor does.

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