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The different types of blender


A blender is one of the most versatile appliances reviewtique, which you can have in your kitchen. When looking for the best blender product, doing the review at reviewtique can be helpful. With the blender, it will be easier to introduce more fresh fruits and vegetables in your lifestyle. Not only that, your blender can also successfully do a lot more like making smoothies, grinding your own flour, preparing the cream, and much more. Unfortunately, there are too many products available on the market, which can lead you to get confused which one to choose from.

Since the types of a blender are important to consider when buying the blender, you can consider the following blender types.

1. Counter Top Blender or Conventional Blender

This is the most common type of blender. This blender is designed to sit or be placed in the kitchen and equipped with glass and knife at the bottom to process food or liquid.

2. Personal Blender

Personal blender is a relatively new blender category and is for people who want to instantly enjoy their smoothies or drinks.

3. Hand Blender or Immersion Blender

Immersion Blender or often called hand blender or hand blender becomes very popular because of many chefs on TV use this blender. There are types of blenders that have cable and without cable. Hand blenders are suitable to make puree or blend small amounts of food directly in the bowl without having to move them to a blender glass.

Each of them comes at the different price. Simply talk, you must ensure the blender you will buy must be the one that meets your needs when it comes to using the blender for doing a few things as said before. Do you want to make smoothies every single day? Do a little research and compare at least three blender options.

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