Maybe you still don’t fully understand, what’s the difference between VPS and Cloud because both are virtual servers. Then what’s the difference? Before we tell about the difference between VPS and Cloud. You can visit our website to get VPS Hosting Free.

A cloud server is an example of a virtual server that provides users with a set of dedicated and protected from machine resources. On the Cloud infrastructure, each Cloud server provides the ability to scale their server resources on-demand. The cloud server always gets the amount of CPU allocated, memory, disk, etc. Because the nature of the Cloud is that it cannot be oversold. Cloud technology allows multiple servers to be “one” functioning as storage (virtual disks), several other servers put together to function as computing nodes (virtual CPUs).

VPS is a service that rents out virtual servers, the difference is that with shared hosting you have the freedom to determine the operating system (OS) and the platform you want to use. If using VPS as if it has its own server, the way it works is divided into several sections according to its own resources and resources, so that each part can run its own operating system.

In summary, the Cloud server is a combination of many dedicated servers into a single large system. Each mirror is made on a dedicated server or often called High Availability (HA). Cloud server has a Failover System / Auto Healing where this function is redirected to another server in the cloud when one of the mirror servers/mains is down. The other main part of the cloud server is the availability of NAS connected to the cloud to store secondary data on the cloud. Whereas on VPS only standalone server.

Or a brief sentence on differences and similarities between VPS and Cloud is as follows:

VPS and Cloud use virtual servers and are granted access to configure the operating system and platform that you want to use.

Cloud has a Node system where if one server dies it will move to another mirroring server, while VPS does not have that system.

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