Many people identify crying as a sign of a weak person. Apart from that assumption, crying is a form of emotional overflow. Cry turns out to save a number of unexpected benefits for health. If you feel that life is heavy and there are many problems that you face, submit to the find out more. You just simply write down your desires in this life so that you can get peace in your heart and mind.

You do not need to be embarrassed to cry, because it is a natural burst of emotions. Here are some health benefits that you can get when crying.

Cleanse Poisons
Through tears, actually, toxins in the body can be removed when someone cries. These poisons are quite dangerous for health. Therefore, cleaning toxins from the body is at least able to maintain overall eye health.

Strengthen Yourself
Crying can be a form of training for the soul. The reason is, removing all negative emotions through crying is far better than keeping it in the heart. Crying is like a sport for feelings so that someday when you are in a similar position, your heart can be stronger and stronger.

Many people claim that crying makes them more relieved. Crying can make the body secrete endorphins which are able to relieve pain in the body. So by crying, the body and mind automatically become more relaxed.

Make the heart-healthy
A study says that expressing pain can make a person at low risk of heart disease. Therefore, there is no need to hold back when wanting to cry because crying turns out to be healthy for the heart.

Calming the mind
If you continue to hold emotions and always keep it in your mind so that the longer it will increasingly accumulate and it can explode at any time. With you crying means you have removed some of the burdens of your mind even though you still have to find answers to every problem you face so that you can be happy again on another day.

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