Several researchers have successfully used psilocybin to treat depression and addiction in a series of clinical trials in recent years. In a study, a magic mushroom prescribed for end-stage cancer patients to deal with depression and all kinds of anxiety at the end of their lives. Research shows the clinical use of psilocybin reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety significantly after being prescribed for six months, as quoted from the conclusion of the study. According to a recent study, one dose of psilocybin, a compound found in psychedelic mushrooms, can provide “significant improvements” in reducing stress and anxiety in cancer patients – at least up to five years after it is consumed. You can also get the same result with mushroom capsules from a trusted and reliable retailer.

A group of researchers from New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine found that in conjunction with psychotherapy, cancer patients experienced an increase in emotional and existential pressure, after being given psilocybin. In an earlier study, the research team reported that the use of psilocybin resulted in a rapid, substantial, and continuous improvement in overcoming anxiety and depression that caused a decrease in demoralization and despair in cancer patients. Besides, there was an increase in spiritual well-being and quality of life. After further research, six and a half months later, psilocybin was associated with “long-lasting anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects”.

The paper submitted by researchers also included information about other studies of magic mushrooms that the FDA considered necessary. The hope, after reading the paper the FDA is pleased to change the classification of magic mushrooms. In the process of determining the classification of a substance, the authorities in the United States must consider eight different factors including the real and relative potential for abuse, risks to public health, and the tendency of psychological and psychological addiction. Magic mushroom is considered safer compared to drugs and any type of illegal drugs. Psilocybin ranks best in terms of health risks to its users. Magic mushrooms are even safer than alcohol and tobacco and that the potential for psilocybin abuse was low. Not a single person is blamed for using magic mushrooms. This does not mean that magic mushrooms have no potential for abuse at all.

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