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Causes of Back Feeling Pain During Breathing

Causes of Back Feeling Pain During Breathing

Back pain is one thing that is quite often experienced by humans. It’s just that, according to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain tends to be more often experienced by women than men. Usually, this pain is centered around the spine which makes the upper body less comfortable and difficult to move. In fact, this pain can be felt even more when breathing. What are the main causes of this back pain? Meanwhile, go to the recommended sports chiropractor santa monica whenever you’ve got an injury after competing for a sports match Dr. Roy Nissim.


Sometimes the rib can get injured because of a hard, sprained or even broken object that makes him experience back pain. Not only that, pain due to injury to the muscles, ligaments, or back support structure can also trigger this pain problem. It’s just that, if this pain continues, it’s good to be aware of spinal problems such as scoliosis, lordosis, and kyphosis.

Disorders of the lungs

If we experience a lung infection, we will have difficulty breathing smoothly and experiencing pain. One infection that can cause this is pneumonia. Not only that, if there is a pulmonary embolism or a blood clot that can block blood vessels in the lungs it will also cause pain in the back when breathing.

Obesity condition

Unexpectedly, obesity or being overweight can actually put enormous pressure on the spine and respiratory tract so that it finally makes us feel pain when breathing. For this reason, it is better to always keep your weight in the ideal condition.

Wrong carrying items

Carrying items that are too heavy, or misplaced when taking, pulling, or holding heavy objects can be the main trigger for the appearance of pain in the back that feels every time we breathe.

If the symptoms of this pain are felt for a long time, immediately check the health condition to the doctor to get proper medical treatment.

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