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Basic Information About Fire Tube Boilers

Basic Information About Fire Tube Boilers

Calderas is a closed vessel shaped device used to produce steam. Steam is obtained by heating a vessel containing water with fuel. Boilers convert energy – chemical energy into other forms of energy to produce work. Boilers are designed to do or move heat from a combustion source, which is usually in the form of burning fuel. Calderas consist of 2 main components, namely the furnace which functions as a tool to convert chemical energy into heat energy. The next component is the steam drum which functions to convert combustion energy (heat energy) to potential steam energy (heat energy).
The boiler basically consists of a drum which is enclosed in its tip and base and in its development is equipped with fire pipes and water pipes. Many people who classify steam boilers depend on each viewpoint. One type of calderas that is often used in the industrial world is a fire pipe boiler.

The fire pipe boiler is the development of the fire tunnel boiler by adding fire pipes, where the hot gas from combustion chamber flows inside so that it will heat and evaporate the water surrounding the fire pipes. Pipes – fire pipes are in or submerged in water that will be evaporated. The volume of water is approximately ¾ from the boiler tank.

The number of passes from the boiler depends on the number of vertical passes from the combustion between the furnace and the fire pipes. Combustion gas passages in the furnace are calculated as the first pass. This type of boiler is widely used for processing industries from small to medium scale. In designing a boiler there are several important factors that must be considered so that the planned boiler can work properly in accordance with what is needed. The underlying factors in choosing the type of boiler are the capacity used, the condition of the steam needed, the fuel needed, the simple construction and easy maintenance, no need for high-quality water filling.

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