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5 Ways Of Making Carpets From Used Materials

5 Ways Of Making Carpets From Used Materials

As time goes on, someone will surely grow and it will come when the clothes that originally fit will not fit. Instead of the clothes being thrown away, you can turn them into attractive rugs. How? Apart from that, call the professional rug cleaning sydney if you must clean your rugs as quickly as possible.

First, you need to collect the following tools and materials:

Unused clothes or shirts (6-12 pieces).
Sewing machines and tools.

If the ingredients have been collected, then you can begin the process of making carpet from used materials. The following are some of the steps you need to do, see!

Cut used clothes

The first way you do is choose the clothes you want to use. You can choose three types of clothing with various colors to be combined into one at the beginning of the making. If you can choose the type of color that will be aligned if put together. The next step, the clothes that have been chosen are then cut, into several parts. Throw away pieces of clothing that you feel are not needed in making carpets.

Twine the threads

After that, you will make strings of yarn from used clothes that will be used as a layer of carpet. The trick is to pull and strand each layer of clothes that have been cut up to become one.

Putting clothes together

When it’s finished, the clothes are then put together by making braids. Make braids as long as possible so that they are enough to make a bigger carpet. But if you want to make a small-sized carpet, then the braids can also be small.

Start making patterns

While you are making braids using clothes, you can also start making curved patterns. Later when the arch is made, you can strengthen the pattern by using a sewing machine to make it easier.
Mix those thread together

If you feel enough, you can cut the edges. The remaining braids are then tucked into the bottom of the carpet, then sewn neatly. Before going to be used in the living room, the carpet should be flattened first by using a fairly hot iron.

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